7-Eleven shows you how to help your employees succeed 

I recently made a trip to 7-Eleven to get some gas and while I was there I used the facilities. Don’t worry, we’re not getting too personal here, but in the restroom I noticed there was a check sheet process on the back of the door explaining how to clean the bathroom.  It included a number of steps such as step 1: sweep the floor, step 2: mop the floor, step 3: clean the toilet, step 4: wash the mirror.  It also had a place for the initials of the employee that completed the job and a spot to write the time they completed it.  I started wondering...why does 7-Eleven have this check sheet process?  

7-Eleven understands that with all their different locations and employees, they have to have a system in place to enable and help their employees be successful. By having a check sheet process in place, it allows for consistency from one location to the next. This ensures that the bathrooms are always cleaned the same way at every location regardless of which employee is working.  They also know that by having a check sheet process with initials on it, they’re creating accountability for their employees. Their employees know that every single one of them has the same responsibility, are signing their names to be held accountable, and are working as part of a team to clean the facilities.   

My question for you?  What systems do you have in place for helping your employees be successful? What is your version for the check sheet process that 7-Eleven has to help their employees clean the facilities? If you can’t figure it out contact us and we will definitely help you out.

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