Buc-ee's shows you how to increase your average dollar sale  

If you’ve never been to Buc-ee's, you’re probably missing out on one of the biggest icons in Texas.  They are expanding and popping up in various cities around Texas these days.  I stopped by Buc-ee's and the main reason I went there was to get gas. However, when I went inside, I realized one of the things that Buc-ee's does that adds to their success and makes them more money. As you go through the store of Buc-ee's you quickly realize that they have...pretty much EVERYthing! They have significantly increased the merchandise, products, and services in their store. Buc-ee's is a gas station but they have so many different products inside: they have a full restaurant/deli, bundt cakes, barbeque grills, hunting & camping supplies, snacks, drinks...like I said, they have everything! In fact, fudge is one of the things they have become really well known for. Or maybe it’s just really well known to me.  I may or may not have bought a piece or 10 of their fudge squares.  So, the question is, if Buc-ee's is a gas station – why are they filling their shelves with so many other things?  

Buc-ee's understands that by continually increasing the number of products and services they have to offer, they can satisfy more of their customers wants and needs and are going to continue to increase the average dollar sale for all of their customers. As I walk through Buc-ee's after getting gas, I see six, seven, eight, ten different things that I like or I want now that I see it in their store. As a result, I'm going pull all those things into my cart and buy them even though I really only came here for gas. This is going to happen to some percentage of their customers which means their average dollar sale is going to increase by some percentage.  Even if it’s only a 10% increase, that’s 10% more profit for Buc-ee's! 

My question is, what are you doing to increase the average dollar sale for your customers? What are the different products and services that you could add to your business so that when customers roll through your store or when they use your business for certain products, they see other products and services they could also buy from you?   

If you can't figure that out contact us and we will definitely help you out. 

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