Chevron Shows You How to Increase Leads Through Strategic Partnerships  

Chevron and Tom Thumb are rather large, established companies so it was a bit of a surprise to see them partnering up the last time I went to Chevron.  I needed a little bit of gas and as I was there at the Chevron typing in all my information to pay, a question popped up on the screen. It asked “Are you a Tom Thumb Rewards member?” It turns out if you are a member of the rewards program at the grocery store you get 20 cents off per gallon at Chevron.  Who doesn’t want 20 cents off their gas?!  While that makes me happy as a consumer, why would Chevron be doing that? Chevron knows that if it forms strategic partnerships with places like Tom Thumb it can provide more value and incentive for customers of Tom Thumb that don’t even know about Chevron to come to Chevron. This added incentive provides more lead generation for Chevron since customers that are currently Tom Thumb Rewards members are now more likely to come to Chevron for their gas. In addition, by having a rewards program in place, Chevron is going to benefit from additional transactions and more repeat business from their current Chevron customers who want to continue getting more of the reduced pricing for their gas. Instead of going to Chevron when they happen to pass by, their customers are likely to actively seek out Chevron locations so they can get their reduced priced gas.  Even though Chevron already has plenty of current customers, they realize the value of increased lead generation and repeat business from a partnership with a company like Tom Thumb. 

What kind of strategic partnerships do you have in place to A) increase your lead generation and B) create more repeat business?  If you can't figure it out contact us and we will definitely help you out.

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