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If you’re from around the Dallas area, chances are you’ve heard of The Village Apartments.  The Village is a community of multiple apartment complexes with a country club, pools, etc. If you’re talking to someone and they discover you live in or around The Village, typically some sort of smile comes to their face.  And then they tell you about how they used to live there, too!  Almost seems like a rite of passage as a Dallasite.  The apartment complex has been around and successful for so long, with so many people in the Dallas area having experienced The Village life, they must be doing something right as a business!   

When I was touring apartment complexes looking for own dwelling, I ended up at The Village. I walked into one of the apartment complexes and let the staff know I was looking for an apartment. They said, “Great! First, can I get your contact information?” Then they asked what I was looking for in an apartment. Lastly they asked my price range. I answered all their questions, they gave me information based on my responses, I toured an apartment, and then left. It was a good experience overall so I headed to a second complex in The Village. I again walked in and told the staff I was looking for an apartment.  Sure enough, they asked some similar questions.  “Can I get your contact information, what are you looking for in an apartment, and what is your price range?” In fact they were the EXACT same questions!  I toured one of their apartments, received some information and was on my way. Shortly after this complex, I went to a third complex and surprise, surprise, they gave me the exact same sales process!  

Isn’t that interesting that all three apartment complexes have the exact same sales process and utilize the exact same sales questions? Why would they do that?  While The Village is an older apartment complex, they are known for their management.  And the management company for The Village knows that having the exact same sales process for all the different apartment complexes will give them some particularly useful benefits.  They know they are going to A) create a consistent experience for their incoming prospective customers (and that might even give the prospect a positive taste of what to expect if they DID move in to The Village) and B) they know it is going to allow them to drive the sales process to make the very best sale possible given the needs of their prospective customers. If you as a business do not have a consistent sales process, how do you know why some of your prospective clients aren’t buying from you?  Is it because one particular person on your team was the sales person?  Was it what your team member said or didn’t say?  Or was it the particular prospective customer’s needs that you couldn’t meet?  If too many variables are changing, you have no idea which variable caused your prospective customer not to buy from you.  The Village knows that in order for it to continually drive their best sales possible, they have to have a repeatable, consistent process that will yield predictable results and can be continually improved! 

So how can you in your business create a sales process so that your customers get consistency in their experience? What is your version of The Villages sales process? If you can’t figure it out contact us and we can use one of our complimentary 2 hour strategy sessions (a $2000 value) to help you out!    

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