Supercuts shows consistent delivery mastery 

Supercuts is a hair salon franchise with 2400 locations and has been in business for 45 years.  That’s a pretty long time to be in business and with that many locations, they are obviously doing something right.  As I was leaving Supercuts the other day, I realized one of the reasons that Supercuts has been such a successful small business for so long.   

I’d actually been to the same Supercuts location several times and I realized the reason I keep going back to the same location is because I found a woman that can cut my hair really consistently. I know when I come to this particular Supercuts and get my hair cut by this particular woman, I’m going to get the same result every time.  It’s consistent enough such that every time I visit, I have the same exact experience over and over again. 

Supercuts knows that part of delivery mastery is being able to be consistent for all of your different customers such that every single customer gets the same experience over and over again. They know that customers prefer a business to be consistently average rather than erratically brilliant. In fact, there are many different small business owners out there that can’t quite understand why another business would make so much more money even if the business they own has a superior product.  The answer many times is consistency.  I don’t think anyone would argue that McDonalds has the best burger in the world, yet they sell the most burgers in the world because they make a CONSISTENT burger.  Customers know what they’re going to get when they order one of their burgers.  It’s the same for Supercuts.  Supercuts makes sure they are hiring people that can give consistent experiences like the one I received and have received over several visits.  What does this consistent experience do for Supercuts? It increases the amount of repeat business they get from their customers ultimately helps them make more revenue and profit.  

So what are you doing in your business to make sure that you have consistent delivery for every single experience that your customers have with your business. What are you doing to make sure you create great customer experiences and have excellent delivery mastery?  If you can't figure it out contact us.

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