How The Heights is Beating the Coronavirus 

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, as it was just starting to spread in the United States, I visited a restaurant called The Heights in Dallas, TX.  Naturally we were just trying to do our part and support our local restaurants and businesses.  Oh, and maybe have a drink or two along the way.  But what was great about what they did there at The Heights restaurant is that as soon as we walked in and sat down at the bar, the bartender immediately came up and wiped down the counter with a Clorox disinfectant wipe. This sounds simple enough but he was doing this for a specific purpose.  He was making it clear to us as patrons that the bartender knew and understood that people were very concerned about the coronavirus. He was making it very visually obvious that when we sat down at his place of business that it was sanitized and clean. He was letting the patrons know he was doing his part to ensure that they were safe. Why would he be doing this versus any other time in business? In short, to adapt to the coronavirus.  

It is imperative that we adapt to the needs of our market.  When the market is concerned about a virus or anything else that is going on, we have to adapt to it and start making adjustments in our business. The Heights has adapted by making it very clear and obvious that they are cleaning their bar/environment right in front of our eyes. By doing this right when we walk in, we are more comfortable and therefore want to stay longer because we feel safe. If we stay longer because we feel safe, The Heights will get more food and beverage orders from us, which will help them generate more revenue and profit for their business.   

An additional adaptation The Heights could benefit from would be to communicate to both their employees and their customers (including the ones that have not physically been there since the coronavirus) they have a new sanitizing routine. For example, they could emphasize through emails, phone calls, social media, etc, how they are going to be wiping down the bar stools and tables with Clorox wipes in between each customer to make sure their customers have a safe and satisfactory experience. Emphasizing this to current employees and customers helps your team feel safe about working in your business and helps your customers feel safe about coming back to enjoy your place of business!  

With that in mind, what are you doing in your business to adapt to the coronavirus? There are things that we need to be doing in our marketing to make sure we're educating our customers and potential customers about why they would want to come to your business instead of other businesses out there.  How are you making sure that you're keeping it safe for them to come and enjoy a drink or a little food, for example? If you can't figure out what sort of adjustment you should be making due to the coronavirus contact us and we will definitely help you out. 

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