How to increase repeat business like Office Depot

Office Depot is one of those stores that as a small business owner, you probably can’t stay away from even if you wanted to.  Whether it’s office supplies, computers, furniture, you will typically end up in that store with some sort of frequency.  Well I was there the other day buying a few products.  As I was leaving, I passed a display where they had some really nice pens on sale with a special price. I laughed to myself because the reason I went there was to buy a few pens of a similar style. Then I realized the first time I bought those specific pens was because they were on special and on a very similar “sale” stand. Isn’t that interesting that I have come back to purchases these pens multiple times now because I really like them.  And the only time I’ve ever purchased them on sale or with a special price was that very first time. There I was buying more of the same pens over and over again even though they were full price. Might this be happening to other customers of theirs?  You bet ya!   

What’s happening here and what’s this doing for Office Depot? They are utilizing special offers to increase their conversion rate with customers there in the store.  This activity also leads to an increase in the number of transactions for their business because I and other customers are going back multiple times as repeat customers once we realize we really like the products that we initially tried when they were put on sale.  Isn’t that interesting how one simple activity can have a potential ripple effect to increase sales in the future and provide more profit for your business! 

As always I have a question for you: what special offers can you have on your various products and services so your customers buy them at a higher conversion rate? What special offers can you put in place to help your customers try and realize they like the other products and services your business offers? If you can’t figure it out contact us and we will definitely help you out.

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