How Yumilicious Gets You to Come Back for More 

I wouldn’t really call myself a “dessert guy” but I do enjoy a nice tasty cup of froyo on occasion.  I recently visited Yumiliciuos for some of their delicious frozen yogurt. The reason I chose to go to Yumilicious is because they have a rewards program. The rewards program gives you points based on the quantity of yogurt you buy each time you visit. Once you have enough points you are able to redeem those points for free yogurt. So not only did I get some frozen yogurt but it was free! Actually my favorite flavor is chocolate and they also have some peanut butter cups, which I love, so I typically combine the two.  Highly recommend it.  But back to my point, why would Yumilicious be doing this? Why do they have this rewards program? Well, Yumilicious understands that they have competition. If they give their customers even just a small incentive, like reward points, their customers are more likely to come back to their specific place of business to get frozen yogurt. If their customers start to become invested as they are coming back 2 or 3 times to work towards earning enough points to redeem free yogurt, then they will likely continue coming back to Yumilicious for all their frozen yogurt.  Getting free yogurt isn’t just a benefit for their customers, it‘s also doing something for Yumilicious.  It's increasing the number of transactions and amount of repeat business from all their customers, which ultimately makes Yumilicious more profit! 

My question for you?  What is your version of a rewards program that can help bring your customers back for more repeat business and give you more profit? If you cannot figure that out contact us and we will definitely help you out. 

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