Is it easy to buy from your business?   

I visited Whataburger the other day to buy some of their lovely breakfast tacos—don’t judge me—and as I was going through line, I realized some of the details that makes Whataburger so good at their Delivery Master.  Delivery Mastery is basically the term we use to describe your ability to make it easy for your customers to buy from you.  You can see a short video about my Whataburger experience by clicking here.   

I realized that it took me all of about four minutes to take my order, pay for the breakfast tacos, and receive them. Now if I’d eaten them on the spot, that probably would have taken another 30 seconds, so we won’t count that…but essentially my experience of the buying and delivery of the breakfast tacos was about four minutes—really quick and easy! 

One thing we want to think about in our businesses is if we are making it difficult for people to buy from us. Best Buy is another good example of this.  Early in their online e-commerce days, it took a customer an average of 7 clicks to buy something from Best Buy.  As most of us probably know, Amazon (known for their delivery mastery and customer service) can sell you products with how many clicks?  1!  So Best Buy purposely revamped their website and successfully reduced the required number of clicks from an average of 7 to 3.  Did this help their online sales?  Absolutely! 

So we always want to be asking ourselves…do we have good delivery mastery? Are we making it simple and easy for people to buy from us?  Whataburger clearly knows the easier they make the process the more customers they’re going to get. Think about it:  how can you make your business better by making it easier for customers to buy from you?  

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