This is how you beat your competition 

I was sending a package from FedEx and as I was inside mailing the package I was thinking to myself how I normally go to the US post office for mailing packages. I was wondering why I thought to choose FedEx over the US postal service and as I was leaving I noticed a slogan on the wall that said ‘FedEx when your package absolutely positively has to get there overnight’. Isn’t it interesting that I was sending a package that  needed to get where I wanted it to go by tomorrow. That slogan is FedEx’s unique selling proposition, FedEx strategically has a slogan that really differentiates itself from its competitors such as the US postal service. So, when I as a consumer am thinking to myself I really need to make sure I get this package to where it’s going by tomorrow. I naturally come to FedEx instead of the US Post Office.  

So my question for you is how can you and your business create a unique selling proposition so that your customers will be able to clearly differentiate your business from your competitors. What is your version of the FedEx unique selling proposition.  If you can’t seem to figure it out contact us and we will definitely help you out.

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