This is how you bring your customers back  

I originally made a trip to Midas, my local auto shop, a few months before because my car needed an oil change.  Well I found myself back at the shop for another oil change but I didn’t just hop on it because I felt like it.  The reason I came back to Midas is because I got a direct mail marketing piece from them. It was a reminder that I was due for another oil change! The mail piece told me it had been a specific number of months since my last visit and that I’d driven a specific number of miles (this was estimated) on my vehicle since they last saw me. Isn’t that impressive!  Normally when you receive pieces in the mail they are pretty general and not very specific to you or your situation.  Well this piece was specifically sent to me with my specific car information on it.  Looks like they know who I am, what I drive, and how much I drive!  So why is it that Midas is sending me this reminder?  Well Midas knows that it is not good enough to just maintain a database of past customers, you have to actually utilize that database and send out marketing pieces so that your customers understand how and when they can come back to see you again. In addition to sending me a helpful reminder, they sent me a coupon that was attached to the mail piece.  When the customer comes back and redeems the coupon at their store, they are now able to track and figure out which of their marketing pieces are actually being utilized to bring them more business!  So guess who came in for another oil change and took advantage of a reduced coupon rate?  That’s right—me!  And I’m sure many of their other customers, which is successfully increasing the number of transactions for their business and ultimately yielding more profit.  There were actually a couple other service options on the mail piece as well but I didn’t take advantage of those this time.  But maybe next time for some additional repeat business for Midas?  


How can you increase the number of transactions in your business by utilizing direct mail pieces to notify your current customers of the additional benefits and services you can offer? What is your version of the Midas direct mail piece? If you can’t seem to figure it out contact us and we will definitely help you out.

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