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It’s becoming more and more of a regular occurrence.  You walk outside and what do you see on your doorstep?  A package from Amazon!  Amazon has done so many things to improve their buying experience and customer service that they are shipping millions of packages to millions of customers.  Well this day was no different for me than it was for millions of other customers.  I walked outside one morning and there it was, my amazon package that had already been delivered.  However, one thing was different for me on this particular day.  I actually received two additional packages from Amazon later that day—giving me a total of three.  Why did I receive three different packages from Amazon in one day? 

I had hopped online to Amazon’s site a few days prior to buy a particular product I’d been meaning to buy.  I searched for it, found it, and added it to my shopping cart. As I was checking out, there was a banner across the bottom of the screen that said “based off of this purchase you might also like X.” I looked at the details of the suggested product and turns out I did in fact like their recommendation so I put that second product in my cart.  When I entered the 2nd product into my cart, up popped my new checkout screen.  Wouldn’t you know it, based off of the now two products in my shopping cart, a banner popped up at the bottom of the screen that said, “based off of this purchase you might also like X,” and Amazon recommended another product that caught my eye.   I ended up adding the 3rd product to my cart and eventually checked out and purchased the products.  My shipment from Amazon went from being just one package to three packages! So why is Amazon adding this “you might also like” banner to the bottom of their carts?  One, they are providing helpful suggestions on other products that their customers might like (based on their current product selections and preferences) and two, they are increasing the average dollar sale for all their customers which is giving them more profit!  Who doesn’t like a win-win?!   

So my question for you is what are you doing to increase your average dollar sale? What is your version of the ‘you might also like’ strategy that Amazon is using in their online carts. If you can’t figure it out contact us and we can use one of our complimentary strategy sessions (a $2000 value) to help you out!    


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