Your only 2 options in business  

I’d just finished a six-mile run, which is a pretty good run for me, and when I finished the run I realized that over the last month (it was the end of March) I’d run 110 miles. That’s a lot of miles for me so I started asking myself the question, why did I end up running so many miles that month?  

At the beginning of March, we started getting impacted by COVID-19, which means all the gyms had to close!  The gyms along with many other businesses had to close as a precaution to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Consequently, I couldn’t go to the gym to exercise.  My normal path of exercise had been removed or taken away from me.  So what did I do? I had to find another path!  I say this because in business it doesn’t matter whether you have COVID-19 going on or any other situation, you always only have two options.  Option 1 is to take the circumstances and use them as an excuse.  You can point out that the gyms are closed or the economy is tough or that your situation at the moment is difficult or uncomfortable and use it as an excuse NOT to reach our goals.  You can convince yourself that it's okay if your business fails or it's okay if you don't get any exercise because the situation is tough or abnormal and that’s certainly understandable.  It’s understandable that it takes more energy or that it’s uncomfortable to do something that’s different from what you’re used to doing and THAT’S why you can’t get any exercise or you have a failing business.  That is option one.  What is option two?  You find another path! I couldn't go to the gym so what I do? I started running outside.  Low and behold I ran probably the most miles I've run in any single month in who knows how long. But guess what, that was the path or should I say the NEW path.   

You always are two choices.  You can take the circumstances, make an excuse, and tell yourself that it’s okay to fail, OR you can figure out another path and reach your goals.  So here we are in the midst of COVID-19, but regardless of whether we have COVID-19 going on or any other scenario, let’s choose option 2.  Let’s find another path!  

If you want to get another path in your business, if you NEED to get another path in your business, or if you want to just look at some different ways to get to your ultimate goals contact us and we will definitely help you out. 

We offer complimentary 2-hour strategy session (a $2000 value) for businesses that want to look at opportunities in their business.  We can chat briefly about the details of that session to see if it would be beneficial for your business.

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